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I believe.

I believe that I was wrong when I said that fans care more than the players do. Maybe in the past, when the teams weren't going anywhere and they knew it, but no longer. I went on with my summer after Sunday afternoon; the Blues players were pissed. And they will continue to be so as my summer rolls along.

I believe that teams build towards playoff windows during which they have legitimate shots at winning the Cup. I believe the Blues' window is just opening.

I believe the Blues were comprised this year of three good second lines and a good fourth line.

I believe the Blues need a first line too.

I believe that Alex Pietrangelo and Kevin Shattenkirk are special. I believe that Roman Polak can be a serviceable defensive defenseman. I believe Barret Jackman is important to this team. I believe Kris Russell has value.

I believe the Blues need a stud blueliner to play with No. 27.

I believe the Brian Elliott vs Jaroslav Halak argument has settled itself.

I believe in Ken Hitchcock.

I believe in Doug Armstrong.

I believe Ken Hitchcock would like Doug Armstrong to build him a true first line and get him a stud blueliner for No. 27.

I believe the new owners have enough money to scratch out some heavy checks. I believe the new owners will let Doug Armstrong spend some money to make Ken Hitchcock happy.

I believe the Blues learned some important lessons about winning this season. And about winning in the playoffs in the first round. And about how the second round is different.

I believe the Blues need to realize they can compete with anyone.

I believe that the Blues need to realize that the Central Division isn't as bad-ass as it likes to think it is.

I believe that the Predators are about to fall apart.

I believe that the Blackhawks are panicked about their goaltending.

I believe that if the robot named Lidstrom retires, the rest of the glue runs out of the Red Wings.

I do not believe in the Blue Jackets' ability to fix anything.

I believe that perspective has been gained about being a machine in the regular season and about being a different kind of machine in the playoffs.

I believe next year will be better than this year was.

I believe in the St. Louis Blues.