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Friday Links: National Donut/Doughnut Day! Edition

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June 1 is not between October and April. It's kind of a sad day, until you learn it's National Donut Day! Lot's of shops are giving everyone free donuts. Mine was delicious.

Blues News:

  • CapGeek upped the projected cap limit to $73.1 million or something. My work computer has blocked CapGeek because "it's a game." See where the Blues are, I can't. [CapGeek]
  • Ian Cole goodness. Well, as good as Dan O'Neill can do. [PD]

Hockey News:

  • Coincidentally, this isn't consider a game. [Daniel or Henrik]
  • Did you hear about this guy named Lidstrom retiring? He's kind of a big deal. And save your Lidstrom bashing energy to make fun of Jimmy Howard's "boots with the fur" goalie pads. It'll make you feel better. [Puck Daddy]
  • Top Defensive Pairings. [NHLNumbers]
  • Ryan Miller. [Die By The Blade]
  • Hmmm. Tim Thomas in Colorado Springs to help with Team USA hockey? hmmmm........ [CSN NE]
  • C.B.A. So while the big guys pretend to start talking, we need to come up with epic acronyms for the CBA. GO. [The Star]
  • Surgery for Gaborik. Ouch. [Puck Daddy]
  • AHL beards: because some people are tired of hearing about Dustin Penner. [The Globe and Mail]
  • Who loves the AHL? I DO! In fact, next season I was supposed to have trips to Norfolk every month to coincide with hockey, but now I live in Denver. I guess the Avs are the same thing. [MarliesHQ]

Beer thing:

  • If you're in the area, swing by China's craft beer festival. [WSJ]


Yeah, more rugby. Why? Because this is awesome. Old news, sure. But still insanely awesome. His clean and press must be legendary in Africa.

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