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Wednesday Links: H.A.G.S. Edition

Have a great summer, every one.

Oh, I was wondering what happened to 50 Cent yesterday, as I normally ponder the life choices of rappers. I just watched an update on a news station about 50 and his dog named Oprah. Oprah has a foul twitter account and the real Oprah interviewed 50 over the whole debacle. Crazy.

Blues News:

  • More like Peoria news. Bednar dumped by Blues. I can only imagine this sort of move is a result of aligning coaching philosophies. You can't fault that. [PJ Star]

Hockey News:

  • IT'S SUMMER BITCHES. So all that's happening is pictures of guys I don't care about hanging out with a shiny Cup.
  • Offseason stories to follow! [USA Today]
  • A new hockey family! [NHL]
  • Referees. [NYPOST]
  • High and Low points of the season. [guardian]



That's a clown question, bro.

Go White Sox /srynotsry/