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Thursday Links: Migraines Are A Witch!

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So I am back! Sorry for my absence but my Migraines took over the last two weeks and I have been pretty much incapacitated from all things that glow... so that makes linkage hard to write since i can't really see. But Many MANY drugs later I am now back to normal brain size! YAY!!!

I blame all this damn Heat!

Is it Hockey season yet???? No.


So lets get on with it shall we!

No Owie Brained Robot Links.

Blues News:

  • Our front office wins all the awards! (STLToday)
  • Next let me direct your attention to the photo on the right.... Our Goalies are such Hams!

NHL News:

  • The NHL Awards were last night... I didn't watch so I can't comment... (NHL)
  • The Draft starts this Friday at 6 pm central, I will be on set from 6am-6pm so no draft for me. (NHL)
  • Bleacher Report wants Big Al at the podium on draft day for the Blues. (Bleacher Report)

Other news:

  • I love Steve Carrell... (Gawker)


  • Will Arrnett Does Shanny better then Shanny...
  • I know not how to caption this... fascinated I am.

Hartigan will be here tomorrow show her some love, please we like love...

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