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Tuesday's Links: SO RBR has Been MIA because of Homework.

Homework has consumed my life!

AHHHHH The monsters book of monsters is going to EAT ME! (+1 For Harry Potter References!)

Sunday Night I crashed literally on my desk into a fit of slumber that I woke up late from and there fore was running late for work... but on the plus side I did get an iPhone on saturday so now I have better reminders... when you know I actually tell Siri to set them so I don't miss links. (Ashley Fail!)

But what with my sleeping schedule still out of whack because of the meds I am on AND the copious amounts of homework my mind has gone all crazy and I forgot that I am doing Links during the week... but I have reminders now so score one for that crazy bitch Siri!

Medicated Robotic Links of Fury!

Blues News:

  • I miss this section... It made Links fun...
NHL News:
  • Puck from Last Night: The Kings took a devastating 3-0 Lead over the Devils. Does anyone else want to throw up because LA is so close at winning the cup? (NHL)
  • The London Free Press knows what's up. (London Free Press)
  • I am not the only one who doesn't really care about the Stanley Cup Finals this year. (New York Times)
Weird/Creepy News:
  • joshwmc really loves Disney Princess, and makes Great Art about them! (DeviantArt)

  • Silly Canadian Cannibal... (BuzzFeed)

  • AWWWW of the Day: Meet the Puppy Pinwheel!

  • The Prez wants you to call him maybe.

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