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Thursday Links: Holy Crap The Devils are Still In It!?

So I fell asleep at my desk again last night... Its getting old REALLY quick.

so Quick links!

Blues News:

  • Still none that I can Find in the 2 mins I took to look (sorry but homework owns ALL right now). If you have a link for this Add it in the Comments!

NHL News:

  • The Devils Won a GAME! omg! so the series is 3-1 Kings... this could get interesting but I bet Not... (NHL)
  • Puck Father's 3 Stars of the game. (Puck Daddy)
  • Seriously... this is GREAT for Hockey... (BuzzFeed)

RBR News:

  • Homework is killing me slowly... HELP! I need Hockey...
  • I got an iPhone. Whoot!
  • My Brain has to be infested with some strange Harry Potter Like creature because the Migraines are still here.
  • My Apartment is CLEAN! (Seriously that is like HUGE news with all the above going on!)

CREEPY news:

  • with all the zombie talk going on they had to come out with THIS!? (BuzzFeed)


  • This man is EXTREMELY Weird... he turned his dead cat into a Helicopter. WTF!?
  • If I can't have a dog can I have him???


Hartigan will be here tomorrow show her some love!

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