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Friday Links: Euro Something 2012 Edition

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This is the only photo of Jake Allen. Jake Allen is a nice guy.
This is the only photo of Jake Allen. Jake Allen is a nice guy.

Fun story: Until my permanent license arrives in the mail, I'm left with an invalid out of state license and a piece of paper. Bouncers are going to love that. Do not try to deny me alcohol tomorrow.

Blues News:

  • JD to BJ? I'm intrigued by the fluidity of jobs between the Blues and Jackets. There's potential for trouble. [P]

Hockey News:

  • All the likable Capitals' players are gone. Not to stir the pot, but could the Caps grab Kaberle? I'd find that hilarious. [Washington Capitals]
  • Goody, goody gumdrops. QMJHL says "au revoir" to the trapezoid rule. Was that French? I'm not sure. [Buzzing the Net]
  • This reminds me, it's time to go to the Czech bar again. Jagr wants to continue playing. Related: Hartigan admitted to hospital for some kind of eye irritation. [Toronto Sun]
  • Because no one cares about hockey in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It's a lacrosse wasteland - and sibling VT QB's that get arrested. *AHEM* Vick brothers. [The Globe and Mail]
  • If you're like me, you giggle or snort or flat out guffaw reading the name "Cory Clouston" [DHT]
  • Gabriel Landeskog. He's awesome. Speaking of Calder, can the Blues get a nominee for every voted award next season? 'K thanks. [Mile High Hockey]
  • Ratings? We don't need no stinking ratings! [Puck Daddy]

Beer Thing:

  • I guess this beer sounds okay. [MSNBC]


You know what? WHY NOT. "Steve Reich was known for, amongst other things, developing the compositional technique known as phasing. He would take a piece of audio (often human speech) and have the same clip repeat over and over in two separate tracks. He would then slow down one of the tracks and listen to how the two lines of dialogue would interact with one another."