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Tuesday Links: I'm as Mad as Hell, and I just Can't Take It Anymore!


People of ear... I mean... St. Louis Gametime, I come to thee bearing great tidings of a return to link land! I have been rather absent of late due to a breakdown of epic proportions, School became overwhelming, working at the pool did not help, and life just got really really REALLY hard... but I return to you now a better, wiser, Robot.

If you follow me on the Twitter you will know by now that I am a certified Lifeguard and Swim Instructor... I really like to steal PCS's thunder on that one... but any way the pool that I have been spending unpleasant days and sometimes evenings at is Hell. It carries the many rings dante described and the inferno hell fire along with that. But alas I love my kids that I teach and they hold me there eternally,

BUT NO MORE fair people! For I the Badest, and I mean the REALLY badest Robot of them all has left the building at the Hell Pit Pool of Chicago and have bid the devil boss adue!

A weight has been lifted dear friends, the sun is out and their birds are chirping!

^^That is what happens after 2 hard ciders, a pizza, a pint of chocolate Hagen daz, no sleep and an intense Gilmore Girls/Supernatural marathon of epic proportions.

So now that the crazy has been established I bring you the really bad robot links of Tuesday.

Hit it!

Blues News:

Hockey News:

  • There is a lot of hubub going on that actually really bores me... contract stuff is NOT in my opinion Hockey stuff leave that shit for producers (read: Front Office Business Men) man... give me the game... please!?
  • Unicycle Hockey. No you are not high that's what it says... bunny bread! (PuckFather)
  • I will be going. PCS you with me? (Chicago Tribune)

Other news:

  • WHAT THE FUCK!? Why don't I possess this!? (3-Fins)
  • SCIENCE RUINED BATMAN!!! My life... its over. (Gawker)


  • This is ligitly how I walked down Michigan Ave after quitting my job at the pool. No Joke it really happend.

  • Anything this man does/says makes my pants drop...

I shall return tomorrow! I hope you have an epic day... I gots to go and be merry!

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