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Wednesdays Links: Someday my Prince Will Come

Perfect Couple is perfect.
Perfect Couple is perfect.

Anyone else ever get the feeling of just wanting to give up, go live in the forest and wait for the day that you are sweeping the steps of the house you share with the 7 dwarves singing along with birds and then a prince comes a long sweeps you off your feet and all your cares and worries are gone?

Today is just one of those days.. or nights rather. I am not quite sure how to word it.

I apologize for the lateness of Links... Clippings decided to stop working and kill my life.

Lonely Robot links.

Blues News:

  • Yesterday marks the return of Langs for a whole nother year. (NHL)
  • The Crombeen has left the building for Tampa. I will miss you Beener and good luck! (NHL)
  • Interesting thought but do you really think he's gonna leave Dallas?? (Puck Daddy)

Hockey News:

  • With out it we will have no season so I am paying close attention to CBA News... here is what's at stake for the players. (Puck Daddy)
  • Its that time of the year again! NAKED HOCKEY PLAYER TIME!!! This year Brad Richards takes its all off... and Damn. (ESPN)

Other news:

  • Twilight... it must be stopped! (LOLzBook)
  • Never really thought about this but... thanks Internet. (MentalFloss)


  • Keg Hockey. You need Firefighters to play this shit.

  • Impressions are fun.

Well Hopefully i can fix all of my bank problems today otherwise I will not be eating for the next few months... YAY!

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