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Thursday Links: Life Without Hockey is a Very Empty One

Can I have him? please???
Can I have him? please???

I hate the summer.

I hate it so.

I miss my hockey boys.

My life is empty and full of heat.

I need my cool breeze and the smell of snow in the air.

I need my soul alive again...

Really Crappy "Hykus" by RealBadRobot.

yesterday's links were sad... because I miss my princes of winter... like seriously. But I gots an email from one of my swim lesson kids moms inviting me to lunch with her and the girls and my day considerably got better.

To be quite honest its depressing to look for Hockey links when there are no real hockey games out there going on... Can someone plan a rewatch GDT?! jeez I'd kill for that right now...

So I just bring you videos today.


  • The truth.

  • LITTLE THOR!!! How CUTE is this little Asgardian!?

Rawr at the word cout!

Robot editing news? I got an email back from someone FINALLY!? maybe I will actually get an editing job it would be lovely to replace the pool job with an editing job.


Send me things please! (I try to check the gmail as often as possible but sometimes I just have studying to do and want to get the links done asap but my twitter is annoyingly always notifying me so if you gots one send me stuffs on there as well!)

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