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Friday Links: The 13th. Ba-ba-baaaaaaa Edition

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So speaking of nightmares and such, this goal horn has woken me up for the last two nights. This frightens me to no end.

Blues News:

  • It's pretty quiet right now, but we all know things like to happen in the wee hours of the morning. I'll just link a youtube goal horn slideshow. [YouTube]

Hockey News:

  • Not Finnish-ed yet! Duck, Duck, Teemu! I'll stop with the terrible puns before I get fired. But you get the idea. [SI]
  • I don't like anything about this article on Rick Nash's list. Wings? Sharks? Flyers? Boo. Boo. Boo. Not that I'd want a locker room cancer in St. Louis, but at least be more fun than that! [TSN]
  • If you make it through Lambert's breakdown of Janssen's idiocracy, the Bissonnette tweet at the end is probably my favorite one. Ever. [Puck Daddy]
  • Oh, yes, let's teach our children that the Flyers are awesome and Philadelphia is the saintliest of all cities. What could possibly go wrong? [NHL]
  • I get the feeling that Avs fans wanted to keep Mueller. Well, he's in Florida now. Let's see what happens. [Yahoo!]
  • Sure this is old news, but I wanted to respond. Wojtek Wolski to the Caps. BAHAHAHAHA. Yikes. [The Washington Post]
  • Do you ever tune into Olympic Table Tennis? Do you see how muscular those little legs of the players are? Like jacked. [CBC Sports]


  • Beer and Bikes. Beer and BBQ. Beer an Chocolate. Sign me up. [Forbes]


Ahahaha Texas, jokes on you.