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Saturday Links: Needs More Waffles Edition

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"Yes I like waffles!"
"Yes I like waffles!"

Summer has great potential to be a great, great season if it weren't for the weather. Weather is stupid.

Blues News:

  • BREAKING: Ty Rattie is tiny. What? It's not breaking? This has been linked before? I just want to read about the Blues even if I've already read it. OKAY? [NHL]

Hockey News:

  • Cam Janssen Backlashizzle. You can follow the whole travashamockery here. Also, learn from what he did because we are all guilty of appalling behavior. Let's all be better. [SB Nation]
  • What ever happened to Brett Lutes? I have the answer. [HOTR]
  • Prince Filip Forsberg signs a deal in Washington that starts in 2013. [Washington Post]
  • Doan or Semin? [CBC]
  • Man, to hear Modano and King Donut talk about their youth. What an interesting history lesson that would be. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • CBA Crisis. I guess. I, for one, would like a reasonable opening proposal to show that the owner's are in good faith. [USA Today]



FOUND: Entrance song for Jokinen, Wellwood, Byfuglien, Brodeur, Penner. THIS IS CATCHY.

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