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Friday Links: Hartigan's Unofficial Olypmic Drinking Game

So yesterday brought Tim Thomas' Facebook, Alexander Semin's contract, and Logan Couture’s Twitter, but today brings us the Olypmics and my abridged drinking game.

Drink One:

  • You hear the Olympic Theme Song
  • "Is It October Yet?"
  • You curse at NBC for their impossible to find sister site
  • Someone refers to the Summer Games as "fitting for ESPN OCHO"
  • You hum the Olympic Theme Song

Drink Two:

  • You think you can throw a javelin further
  • "Is It October Yet?"
  • The wrong flag is displayed (woops)
  • You wish one, just one, dive was a cannonball
  • You start quoting Anchorman
  • You get distracted by how muscular those quads of the table tennis guys are.

Finish Yo' Drink:

  • You wonder why you're watching Table Tennis
  • "Is It October Yet?"
  • You daydream about that Olympic moment that touched you
  • Hell, down another when America wins and Canada places second!


And drink one for every year of your age mulitplied by the number of minutes left in the video when you start sobbing. That's 24 x 5 for me. I will spread them out over the next week.