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Top 11 Things I'd Rather Do Than Make Up NHL Stories In The Summer

11. Pretend I like baseball.

10. Write actual stories about the NHL in the summer. Didja hear that some third line guy got a two year contract extension in Toronto?!?

9. Make sure I have the most moisturized dick in the county.

8. Make up fake stories about Blues players that cannot be proved to be wrong. Didja hear that T.J. Oshie got a new summer hairdo?

7. Learn more about SEO. NHL's St. Louis Blues and Trade Rumors About Phil Kessel, Mike Richards, Rick Nash and how they might have an impact on an NHL Lockout and Free Agent Signings of Shea Weber, Zach Parise and Ryan Suter. Trade Blues Maple Leafs Canadiens Rangers Flyers Kings Free Agent Signing Winter Classic.

6. Walk out on SBN like those magnificent bastards at Second City Hockey did.

5. Pron.

4. Not watch more basketball at the Olympics than I didn't watch during the NBA season.

3. Re-write the non-stories that they're running over at the Blues official website. This just in: Matt D'Agostini still on the team.

2. Wondering why no one talks to us on Twitter anymore.

1. Write dumbass Top 11 lists that will probably get us in trouble.