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Blues On TV: Jaroslav Halak And Kevin Shattenkirk On NHL Network Saturday

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Clear your schedules (if you have one). recently held a poll to see what players had great performances against their original clubs after being traded to their new ones, and both Jaroslav Halak and Kevin Shattenkirk finished top five. Halak, you might remember, stomped the Montreal Canadiens in Montreal, and Shattenkirk in general has been a thorn in the Colorado Avalanche's side since coming to St. Louis a year and a half ago.

As a reward for fans' votes, this Saturday at 7:30 am (I know, I know) NHL Network will be airing the 4-1 Blues win over the Habs from March 10, 2011. Shatty's goal and assist against the Avs on April 5, 2011 will be aired at 3:00. It's depressing to think that this might be as close to Blues games as we get for a while, considering Saturday is CBA-D Day, but there you go.