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Links Update and Wednesday Open Thread

Brad Lee had a story a little while back outlining some changes coming to Game Time. He also introduced us to a new Game Time logo that looks like it caught a slight tan and found a Breathe Right strip.

Down at Links HQ, we're still in the midst of getting next year's links situated in terms of who's taking which day(s), but that'll be figured out soon. What I can tell you is that your morning reading at Game Time will be structured a little differently. Each morning is now going to start with an open thread. I'll put together a couple things to get a conversation going, which may or may not have anything to do with hockey, and post a video to keep you busy.

Don't worry, you'll still get your links, just a little later in the morning. This gives the Link Rats the opportunity to make use of stories that happen during the 8 and 9 AM hours and write their posts in the mornings. I'll be honest, having to wait until midnight or later to write links when you're either drunk, exhausted, or both night after night can wear thin. Yeah, yeah, sleep when you're dead and so forth. I'm workin' on it. For the Link Rats, this new schedule still gives them the opportunity to write links the night before like the old days, but with the impending lockout, filling out the links may be better served by waiting for the next morning.

Either way, we'll keep you entertained. For today's open thread, I'd urge you to comment on your preferred method of passing the time during the lockout. My answer: Whiskey, followed by an occasional gin and tonic.

I said something about a video, right?