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Thursday Open Thread

After last night's evening class, I had to head about an hour south into the Chicago suburbs. As such, I had some time to pass. Rather than crank up the radio or try and take in some more of the scenery of a particularly sketchy area of Chicago, today's open thread topic formed an internal debate that spanned the trip their and back:

Why not run (quarterback) a 5 on 3 powerplay from down by the goal line rather than the point? Could a 4 on 3 work from there?

I understand the concept of running any and all powerplays from the point for the purpose of consistency in gameplan and not having to keep track of an entirely different offensive zone gameplan, but proper spacing seems like it would open all manner of lanes for cross ice passes, quick releases to the point, and other things that'd make life hard for goalies and penalty killers.

I've got more thoughts on the subject but I want to see what you all think rather than have all the fun myself.


Links will be hitting the air at 11AM.