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Thursday Links: Real offers starting soon Edition

Even with the clock standing at 2 days before the September 15th deadline, some will still hold out hope for a season starting on time since both sides in most labor disputes save the best offers until the 11th hour. I'm sure the NHL/NHLPA argument isn't much different in that regard. My prediction goes along the lines of plenty of news breaking about how one side is prepared to make major strides in meeting in the middle. Regardless of it being true or not, I doubt anything gets signed and we don't see a Blues game until December at the earliest.

Now that I've thoroughly depressed you, let's click some shit.

Blues News:

  • If/when it goes official, I'll put a link concerning Colaiacovo to the Wings here.

Hockey News featuring a shit ton of Puck Daddy:

  • It helps when George Parros has your back, as indicated in this press photo. [TSN]
  • I'd rather crash the net with Steve Tuttle than pass it to Bulis. [Puck Daddy]
  • Despite his best efforts to do anything but go to the Islanders, Lubomir Visnovsky is going to the Islanders. Dominik typed some words concerning the matter. [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • Bain Capital once attempted to buy the whole goddamn NHL during the prior lockout. Let's ask Vince McMahon how a sports league owned entirely by a single entity ended up working out for him. [Puck Daddy]
  • Troy Brouwer got a few more years and a few more dollars in Washington. [Japers Rink]
  • Seriously, it ain't gonna start on time. [Puck Daddy]
  • And when it doesn't start on time, can Don Fehr keep his flock in order? [Puck Daddy]


Taking a slight detour from my fallback theme of "Songs I like," I'm going to go with "Movies I like" today.