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Mobile Game Fart Cat Uses Blues Goal Horn As A Sound Effect; Does Not Include Roman Polak

Roman Polak absolutely cannot understand how he wasn't asked to do a cameo in the mobile game Fart Cat.
Roman Polak absolutely cannot understand how he wasn't asked to do a cameo in the mobile game Fart Cat.

With the lockout coming up, we're going to have to satisfy ourselves with getting hockey fixes somewhere other than Scottrade Center. KHL games? sure. AHL? Whatever. NHL 13 competitions with friends? Absolutely. But NHL 13 is not the only video game to turn to when you need a hockey fix. Sure, it's the best and actually really the only pure hockey game out there, but if you pay attention to the little things in the little games, you'll find our sport in the damnedest places. Like the Summer Camp Studios mobile game Fart Cat.

No, it has nothing to do with a Roman Polak helmet farting competition, though someone really should develop it. In the game, when Fart Cat lets one REALLY rip, the sound you hear in the background is nothing less than the St. Louis Blues' goal horn. From

More specifically, it’s a modified sound file of the report of the Kahlenberg KM-135 arena horn, which blares every time the Blues dent the twine at Scottrade centre. Fart Cat developer Summer Camp Studios wanted something distinct, something cathartic, something… loud to communicate the ultimate dispersal of Fart Cat’s apocalyptic flatulence, and in early designs of the game its creators came to the realisation that only a big arse fog horn would do. That’s how it came to "audition" goal horns used at NHL arenas.

"... As a longtime hockey fan and player, it was a quick leap to realise the ideal analogue for our megafart, with banks of green fog rolling in, would be a hockey goal horn."

Honestly, what other horn to use? I'm biased, I know, but the Blues have one of the most bone-shaking horns in the league. Factor in a fart or two? As developer Rich Gallup mentions: "Also, we spent hours on those sound file sites, and none of their horns had the same room-clearing power."

I think we should take that as a compliment.