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Saturday Open Thread

We all know what will likely come to pass today. I hate it. You hate it. We all hate it.

As hockey fans, however, we're all going to have to find something to fill the void and at least get some sort of satisfaction from hockey. There's the college game, the AHL, and various other minor leagues that could very well prove to be satsifactory company until the pro game returns. For the purposes of this open thread, the spotlight will be put on literature. Hockey books, to be more precise.

What's your favorite hockey book?

It's an easy answer, but Plager's Tales from the Blues Bench gets my vote. Don Cherry's Hockey Stories and Stuff is up there, too.

So what are we missing out on that you'd suggest each of us pick up to pass the time during the lockout?

Let's watch Al MacInnis do his thing. Maybe that'll help.

Tomorrow on the Open Thread:

Hairless pets. Weird.