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Monday Open Thread

In recognition of both the newly christened lockout and my lack of internet, the Sunday Open Thread was omitted. Hope you aren't too butthurt about it.

Here's a video to patch things up.

Do any of you assholes find time for movies that aren't hockey-centric? While some of us are hockey or bust in all facets of entertainment, others can entertain myself with movies involving different sports.

Do you have a favorite non-hockey sports movie?

My vote goes to Bull Durham. There's plenty of life lessons for minor league ballplayers and showing how an infield conference can straighten out athletic and personal SNAFUs.

More on deck from Brad Lee on the lockout.

Even more on deck from Gallagher addressing a number of things he'll do during the lockout. Yes, he does address his love of baseball.

Links'll be in the early afternoon.