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Tuesday Links: Day 3 edition

Well, at least I've got a running tally of how long the lockout goes based on weekday link titles.

Blues News:

  • There's people on Twitter, stating that Berglund is headed to Vasteras for some hockey during the lockout. Personally, I'm adopting the Gallagher philosophy of giving zero fucks where a player goes overseas, but I imagine some of you give a damn.

Hockey News:

  • CBSSports took a look at how teams would look if the players drafted in today's NHL stayed with their current teams. Obligatory thanks and internet recognition to Brad Lee. [CBSSports]
  • Scab hockey players get discussed and the obligatory Shane Falco video. [Puck Daddy]
  • Print in and keep it handy. It's the Puck Daddy Lockout Drinking Game. [Puck Daddy]
  • New DGB. Go there now, regardless of how I summarize the post. [Down Goes Brown]
  • Matthieu Schneider says the PA always gives more in these work stoppages. [TSN]

Other Stuff


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