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Top 11 People In The NHL That Need To Be Laid Off

The Blues laid off almost 20 people last week. They're regular people. There are at least 11 other people who deserve to be laid off first.

Bruce Bennett - Getty Images

It finally was confirmed by local media on Tuesday that the St. Louis Blues laid off about 20 people last week from sales and other parts of the business operation. Remaining staff are taking pay cuts and working less hours. Makes sense. No games means no tickets to sell meaning no revenue.

Obviously the worst part is that these are working class stiffs like most of us. They have bills to pay, mouths to feed. They work (or used to) for a cool organization. I bet when they started there, they bragged to their friends and put it on their Facebook pages. And now they're either out of work or making less money. As fans we can complain about missing out on hockey, but this lockout is directly hurting these people. They didn't do anything to deserve this.

But you know, there are others who do deserve getting a pink slip. And you know us, we're not afraid to call them out.

Top 11 People We'd Like To See Get Laid Off

11. Pitbull. He's the musical artist who had a Bud Light commercial that played about 10 times every playoff game last spring. It was horrible. Have a pink slip, sir. And you might need some job retraining. I don't think this music thing is working out.

10. The Fratellis. That's the group that recorded the uber-annoying Blackhawks goal celebration song, Chelsea Dagger. Hate that song. It sounds like puppies in a wood chipper. It makes you a little dumber every time you hear it. That actually explains a lot about Patrick "Two Fives Equal A 10" Kane.

9. Patrick Kane. Someone go find him in a Madison, Wisc., bar and let him know HR monitors social media. He's giving the company a bad reputation.

8. Towel Boy. Children love the man who counts out the goals after each Blues score and then throws his self-autographed towel. Uninformed fans think he's an original Blues tradition. He's not. He got the idea watching a Rivermen game in Peoria. Look, the Blues can only have one real mascot and they've got the pantsless bear. He doesn't actually work for the team, which makes this so difficult.

7. NFL Replacement Referees. Did you see the Monday Night Football game between the Seahawks and Packers? Remember the ending of that game the next time you have a complaint about NHL officials. Which probably won't be for a long time because of the lockout and why we're in the middle of this list in the first place.

6. Gary Bettman's barber. Unless it's his mom who cuts his hair. Which would actually make a lot of sense.

5. Whoever banned jumbo beers at Blues games. I don't know if this is a league-wide rule or what, but the Blues used to have a large beer that was about $10. It was expensive, but it would last most of a period if you were careful. They were economical. They were delicious. And they were nowhere to be found last season. I want answers. I want the truth.

4. Glow puck. Back in the 1990s, when some of you might have been born, Fox television network broadcast NHL games. And to make it easier for uninitiated fans to follow the puck, they made it glow on your TV. And when it was shot very fast, it had a comet trail behind it. Very high tech. Very annoying for fans who didn't actually have a hard time following the puck. Here's the thing. TV graphics have only gotten better. The technology is there to help this idea. Coming out of the lockout, can't you see NBC trying to boost awareness by making the puck glow? How about 3-D glow puck? Oh, it's out there lurking, ready to make a comeback. Like NKOTB. Let's preempt it. Layoff the glow puck.

3. Mike Milbury. Because only the worst coaches and general managers in the league make the best commentators? And if he doesn't go because he's sometimes entertaining when he argues with Jeremy Roenick, how about Pierre McGuire instead?

2. Edmonton Oilers owner. Sure you want to move to Seattle. Uh-huh. Or maybe threatening to move is your only leverage in a city where you're already getting a sweetheart deal on a new building. I don't even want to mention your name, it's so pathetic. Sell the team to someone who isn't willing to stoop as low as you.

1. Gary Bettman. Does he take too much criticism for problems with the league? Absolutely. Is he only doing what his bosses, the owners, tell him to? Probably. Has he overseen more work stoppages than any other commissioner? I think so. If there is a face to the lockout, it's Bettman. Let's make his face go away.

Anyone you want to lay off? Tell us down below.