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Saturday Links: Training Camp Starts Edition

AHL training camps are starting across the USA [minus Colorado].

I'm still the walking dead, but there's Oktoberfest happening so I will rally and go forward. I would expect you all to do the same. I lead by example.

Blues/Peoria/Europe/Where ever this people are News:

  • Matt D’Agostini and others play golf. [Sault Star]
  • Woot Woot. Camp for the Rivermen. Who I loved watching. AHL is not the NHL, but it's still neat. [PJ Star]
  • Sorry that I can't keep up with one team playing for what seems a hundred teams around the world. I don't even have a favorite Blues player at the moment because they aren't in St. Louis. I have fond memories of the Blues' though.

Hockey News:

  • When I lived in Houston, occasionally I'd get glass seats to the Aeros. Loved it. A lot. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • Mike Green? LOL. Oh, top goals overseas. [Puck Daddy]
  • Wow, never grasped guys had so much pressure to stay a certain body type. Sure, we've made fun of Wellwood many times over, but it never clicked until Kadri's issues came up. [Leaf's Nation]
  • Love. Goalie. Wars. [LHH]
  • Smaller issues are being solved. Good start. I think they're months too late in this start, but just finish it soon. [STL]


  • Stackable portable wine devices. SURE. Also, only available in California. Typical. [Food Beast]


And this is how I would prep for going into negotiations. Hank Azaria style.