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Monday Links: Its From a Prop House in Philly

HOCKEY! Pavol you are really truly missed by the entire Hockey Community!
HOCKEY! Pavol you are really truly missed by the entire Hockey Community!

Hello fellow Gametimers... Happy labor day to all!!! I am officially back into the swing of things. YAY!

I got up before 10 today... aka 3 am... I am very proud of myself and the productiveness. Classes start up tomorrow and I continue to look for work to keep myself from having to borrow more money from my family...

So My apartment is a wreck! like major... rearranging and things does that I guess... so MY labor day will not be filled with barbecues or parties or anything of that nature... I have gnats and flies and at least one cricket (Thank you hole in my air conditioning insulation!) I will find them and I will capture them, for it is my destiny uncle to capture the avatar and restore my HONOR! (I watched the entire Avatar series The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra while I was sick with the flu all week.)

there isn't much Hockey News going on... but fun links for those of us returning to school and work and all such things!

CBA WATCH: 12 Days till a decision must be reached! (Get this shit fixed bitches!)


Now On with the links!

Blues News:

  • Provided the NHL doesn't implode we have Pavol Demetra (RIP) amount of days till the first Blues game!
  • Ze Mighty Russian hath left Russia! (STLToday)
  • I found the greatest app ever... whilst I am ignoring the fact of the Lockout Dark Cloud of Hate... (HowManyDaysUntilHockey)

Hockey News:

  • Its not our fault brothers and sisters... and Puck Daddy explains why. (Puck Daddy)

Together We Can:

  • I felt that this deserved its own section. I was brought to tears watching it. Hockey isn't about Money its about Hope. Shout out to freelance editor Janne Makkonen (@JanneMakkonen1)


  • Meet 4 year old Faris. He is watching the Empire Strikes Back for the first time... so his parents won all the awards by video taping his reaction... just watch its ADORABLE!

  • This man owns my heart and soul... Be warned its NSFW-ish...

Well that's it for me... for now in this moment of solidarity we are infinite!

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