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Tuesday Links: Back in Black

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Hello Pretty!
Hello Pretty!

Classes start this week... yay! BUT I can't afford my textbooks... why the hell are they so damn expensive!? I hate the economy... so I am open for ideas if anyone has any! please and thank you!

How was everyones labor day... mine was pretty shitty... but the 3 AM walk in the storm was really really nice.

God I miss Hockey!

Jeez starting a new semester is stressful... as is cleaning... now I am just rambling.

CBA WATCH: 11 Days till a decision must be reached! (Get this shit fixed bitches!)


Links are gonna be short my friends...

Blues News:

  • None my friends... soweeey...

Other News:


  • Cookies maybe???

Lordy lordy... Now I got to go call my landlord and try and convincing him to let me pay half rent now and half later. I am not looking forward to this, thoughts and preyers please!

send things so Links will be easier for me! danke gametimers!

and I am out!

Gametimelinks (at)