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Wednesdays Links: Hump Day Work Day

SO classes were fun. one of my text books is called "The Guide To Getting It On" I don't think this one will be returned... its hilarious! Love the pictures it has.

CBA WATCH: 10 Days till a decision must be reached!


My feels are getting righter strong the closer it gets to the 15th.

News is still sparse but I am trying my friends.

Blues News:

  • God Bless Ells. his Labor day looked like lots of fun! (PuckDaddy)

Hockey News:

  • Oh Buttman you evil troll please go back to your bridge! (ObstructedViewSports)
  • The KHL thinks they are "Morally Obligated" to Ovie. Not really sure what that means... (Rsport)

Other News:

  • I figured out why people drink so much... its cause of there Glasses... wait, WTF!? (Wired)
  • You will never forget to turn off your phone in a Movie theater again. (NSFW) (Gawker)


  • Zebra's are dope.
Well I have to get ready to head to school and color correct... almost done with my first complete onlined project... yay...
much prefer offlining but whatevs.

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