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Changes Are Coming

Hey there fine readers. Normally coming out of Labor Day, we're usually gearing up to blow your doors off with stuff looking forward to the new season, some previews and jokes and practice game threads for fake games and all that shit. Instead, we're wringing our hands about the probable lockout. Sucks. Sucks big time.

So with the start of the season in doubt, now is the perfect time for our network to launch a wide-ranging redesign. The whole site in the not too distant future is going to look cooler, have all sorts of capability and be a better experience for you, fine readers. Everything is going to look different. Even our logo. Check it out.


It's a little less sweaty. It's still intense. Which is what we're getting ready to dial up.

I don't know what we're going to be writing about around here in the near future. It's going to start to be more often and better. Promise. If the owners lock the players out, we're going to have plenty to vent about. It could make for some interesting reading. At least for a few days. I promise that we won't burn Game Time down. For at least a little while.

So keep coming around, plan on coming around more often. It'll be worth it.

P.S. Whenever this season starts, this will be our seventh for a few of us originals writing about the Blues, venting about the Blues, losing sleep over the Blues. For the few of you who read from the beginning, you may need professional help. For those of you around for just a season or two, thanks for giving us a try.