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Friday Links: Do You Remember Edition

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Today marks the one year anniversary of the Lokomotiv plane crash.


  • Remembering. [NHL]
  • It's been reported that the pilots of the Yak-42 falsified training documentation. Gut wrenching. [Moscow Times]

St Louis Tarasenko's News:

  • Fun Fact: News Googling "Tarasenko" produced about 910 results. That's hype.
  • This article may be about Tarasenko, but the part that stands out is Armstrong saying that "this would be the fourth one of these work stoppages [he's] been through." Telling. [BND]
  • I will say this, I hope he scores a lot of goals. And I hope he embarrasses the rest of the team into also scoring goals. [St Louis Dispatch]
  • The Tank nickname. He hates it. He probably read this article or maybe this one. [Mile High Hockey]
NHL stuff:

Beer. Like a good kid.

  • Beer and wine sold at a college football stadium. What could possibly go wrong? [I'm going to assume everything, we will find out later.] [Sacramento Bee]


I don't know what this says about my daytime television watching, but I saw this commercial. On TV. For real. And, I don't even know.

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