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Blues Re-Sign Defenseman Taylor Chorney

The Blues have re-upped some insurance by signing the 26 year old defenseman to a one year deal.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

You can never have too many defensemen, especially if you're the Blues. Sure, they have their top six, and sure, they have a seven and eight guy in Ian Cole and Kris Russell, but what if there's a rash of injuries? God knows it's happened before.

Taylor Chorney was the plug-in guy briefly a few years ago when defensemen were dropping like flies. Last season, the Blues signed him as insurance and as a way to bolster the blue-line in Peoria. This year, Chorney will be bolstering the blue-line in Chicago (in theory, if they feel the need to let him play). The Blues have re-signed him to a one year, two way deal. Chorney is getting a little bit of a payraise; he'll be getting $600,000 at the NHL level and $175,000 at the AHL level according to

Chorney has played in 61 NHL games in his career, and he'll have to fight to play in more this season as well.