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Blues Release Tentative List Of Fan Giveaways

It's a short season, so the number of giveaways won't be many, but as of right now here's what the Blues will be looking to give you guys as a token of their thanks:

1/19 – Enterprise Rally Towels (all fans)

1/24 – Centene Thundersticks (all fans)

1/27 – Pepsi Magnet Schedule (all fans)

2/9 – MO Lottery Ice Scraper (first 10,000 fans)

2/19 – Boeing Military Poster (all fans)

4/23 – Fry-Wagner Team Poster (all fans)

4/27 – Verizon Fan Appreciation Game

That is going to be one postage stamp sized magnetic schedule, isn't it? Oh well -- I'm still going to buy one off of eBay as is my annual out of towner tradition. Also, the ice scraper wouldn't be a bad idea either if it'd get cold enough this winter to freeze.

Anywho, I digress. Expect to see more giveaways -- oddly absent here is the annual Maxwell House Coffee mug, which I'm sure will pop up later on.