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Blues 2013 National Television Schedule: Games On NBC, NBCSN, And NHL Network

Even in this shortened season, the Blues'll be on the national stage quite a bit. Many of the games are against NBC's usual broadcast darlings, but that doesn't matter -- what matters is that the team's on tv nationally.

The Blues have the potential to be on NBC's Sunday broadcast three times, with their flex schedule picking up games against the Red Wings (April 7th), Blackhawks (April 14th) and Avalanche (April 21st). No, the Blues aren't going to be featured three weeks in a row, but the possibility is awfully nice. The last game of the three also could be shown on NBCSN as well.

The Blues will be on that network six times including April 21st, with their first broadcast being January 27th versus the Minnesota Wild. They will also be featured against the Kings (February 11th), Detroit (February 13th), San Jose (February 19th), and Colorado (February 20th).

The games on the NHL Network won't be as close together as they are on NBCSN, but they will feature quality opponents. We'll see games against the Wings (February 1st), Dallas (March 3rd), San Jose (March 9th), and the Kings on March 28th.

To recap, all televised games are against the Wings, Hawks, Avalanche, Kings, and Sharks, with one random Stars game thrown in.