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Blues Featured In NHL's "Feel Again" Video

The Blues are all over the NHL's welcome back video. Some teams might be conspicuously absent, but not the boys in the Note, and not their fans.

Granted, maybe the NHL should just put out a video set to "Too Late to Apologize," but this one works in a pinch. So many shots of the Blues and their fans, as my friend David Rodgers of Frozen Notes (who brought this video to my attention) said, "So much so that you might think St. Louis uprooted and joined the East Coast." Pretty much.

The Blues outstrip basically every other Central Division team in shots featured here. They've come a long way from that Verizon ad where they were a bunch of faceless dudes squaring off against the Pens, huh?

Oh, and as a word of warning: power play dance. It's in there.