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David Backes And Roman Polak Fight At Blues Scrimmage, Kind Of

Every so often you'll hear about a tussle at a practice, but it's a rare one when it's with the captain of your team, and you're the guy whose door people never open.

During the first period of Tuesday night's scrimmage, which ended in a 4-4 tie between blue and white, Blues captain David Backes and defenseman Roman Polak wanted to show each other their gloves. Very closely.

The two players got into a bit of a shoving match along the boards during the first period of the game. Polak, you may remember, had this little fight in the playoffs to give rise to the phrase "opening the Roman Polak door."

Memo to others: don't do it. Well, don't do it unless you're David Backes, who got away scott free, while Polak wound up with a teeny bit of blood on his face.

"I think he was bleeding after it, but he had a cut before. I just had to scratch him a little bit with a nail. I think that was my best bet to scratch and run," Backes said. "We hugged it out and life goes on. That’s the good thing about hockey, I can buy him a cold beverage tonight and we’ll laugh about it."

Aww, they hugged it out. And thanks to our very own commenter lostinthecrowd, here comes photographic evidence of the door being opened, and the hugging it out at the end.



EDIT! New photos from Brittany Stein!







See? There's hope for peace on earth yet.