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Attendance For Blues Second Scrimmage Breaks 10,000

You have to wonder if the fans in St. Louis are excited for hockey to be back. I mean, a paltry 5500 showed up for the first day of camp, and then only 1000 showed up on Monday morning, which was a workday. The first scrimmage on Tuesday drew a mere smidge of 8000 people. Surely tonight will finally give hockey pundits some sort of clue that the Blues and their fans are enthusiastic to continue their ascent back to being a reliably good team!

Darnit. Here I was hoping for some sign -- any sign -- of Blues fans wanting to fill the Scottrade Center on Saturday night when the Red Wings come to town for the start of the season. Obviously not. I mean, tonight the crowd only half-filled the barn! What's going to happen when people have to pay?