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Wade Redden, Blues Agree In Principle To Contract

The Blues have agreed in principle to a deal with recently-waived defenseman Wade Redden for a one-year deal.

Rick Stewart

Poor Wade Redden. First you sign a massive, six year contract that has a cap hit of $6.5 million a year. Then, you fail to live up to the terms of that contract despite the fact that you never played at that top-pairing defenseman level to begin with except for a couple seasons with the Senators where you were good. Then, your team's owner declares you a drain on the pocketbook and hides your huge salary in the AHL, where you miss out on playing with NHL level competition. Finally, you're waived, unclaimed, and then bought out. Sure, you get paid, but the whole situation is mortifying as hell. What do you do?

Well, you get a second chance with the St. Louis Blues, of course! The Blues have agreed in principle with Redden on a one year, reasonably priced $800,000 contract.Recently extended GM Doug Armstrong had this to say about Redden:

"Wade is a solid two-way defenseman," said Armstrong. "We believe his experience will complement and add stability to our defensive core."

And that's why he got him. Not because Redden's amazing, but because he's a veteran who is stable. That's all that the Blues expect out of him, and that's all that the fans should expect too. This means that it's very possible that Jeff Woywitka will be sent to Peoria once Redden gets settled. Redden's role, as active player or healthy scratch, is what is curious. The defensive corps is one that the Blues have said many times that they find themselves comfortable with, so will Redden just be there as a 7th defenseman/injury plug in/player to play when Cole or Russell isn't doing well? Probably so. You have to give the young guys space to learn, but you also can't let that handicap the team. This is a smart depth signing; he's probably not Petro's next pairing partner.

According to TSN's Bob McKenzie, there is also a $200,000 games played bonus. Hello, incentive. Naah, just kidding. He's loaded this year regardless of what he does.