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Subscribe To St. Louis Game Time The Paper

You know we have a paper, right?


So instead of writing a preview for each individual player this year and posting one an hour (wow, that was dumb) like last year, I decided to become the co-publisher and editor in chief of St. Louis Game Time, the paper edition.

Hopefully you know that we started out as a game-day paper sold outside the arena back in the fall of 2005. Gallagher started the thing. That spring he started a little wordpress page that later became this thing. Well we still have the paper. Gallagher is spending more time with his kids or something. And Gift and I didn't want it to die. So we're picking up the torch and stumbling forward in the darkness.

If you come down to a game, make sure to check out our vendors. You can find them at the entrance of the parking garage, inside the parking garage, on 14th Street next to the entrance near the Opera House and on 14th and Clark by the City Hall parking lot. We're a small, independent operation. We pack a lot of stats, observations, jokes and the like.

Say you're out of town. Or you don't have season tickets and you'd like to get your hands on the couple dozens of inspired brilliance we sell outside the building. That's cool. You can subscribe via email as well -- at half the price of what you pay at the stadium. Plus the playoffs are free.

So I need to go back and actually finish the paper. Sleep, ah, I knew thee well. Seriously, thanks for all your support, for continuing to make this the best and longest running Blues website ran by fans for fans. We're honored we're still here. A little surprised too. And excited for the season. In less than 23 hours from now many of us will be at the home opener.