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Red Wings At Blues: Game Day #1. Drop The Puck, Already

This'll be your place for open threads, game day previews, and of course the almighty game day thread and recaps. Welcome to your first game of the year, Blues Fans!


Hi. Long time, no see. How are we all? All ready to get this season going? Fantastic. Talk about it here -- this is your gameday morning open thread! Also, this's the first actual game day that any of the SB Nation Hockey blogs have had to get stuff published on, so if things are a bit interesting around here (and elsewhere), cut us some slack. We're learning, ok!

Anywho, the format for game days'll probably be this: morning open thread, mid-day game previews, Road Music (if a road game, obviously), then the game day thread followed by a recap. If the comment count gets pretty high in the GDT, I'll post a StoryStream update for the 2nd period with a brief 1st period recap, and then an update for the 3rd with a brief 2nd period recap. Then, of course, the last thing posted'll be a full game recap, though you might have to wait until the next day if it's a West Coast game and someone other than me doesn't recap what happened in the game. Being in the Eastern Time Zone sucks. It's an aberration, frankly.

If anything exciting happens during the game -- a big hit, a particularly nasty goal, whatever -- it'll probably get its own update as well. Have fun, and if you guys have any constructive criticism, let me know in the comments.