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Game Day Thread For Red Wings At St. Louis Blues, Jan 19, 2013

Here it is, people -- your first official game day thread of 2013. Shake off that rust, break out your best sarcastic comments, and let's watch some Blues hockey!

Dilip Vishwanat

Are we ready for the puck to drop yet? Most of our readership will probably be at the Scottrade Center getting a chance to watch the Blues take on the Detroit Red Wings, but for those of us who are out of town or who didn't get seats, I think that this is the next best thing.

Friendly reminder: if this GDT gets kind of full and sluggish after the first period, I'll be adding new updates to the Game Day StoryStream for the second and third periods, and will try to post in here with a link when they're up. Any big plays or events from the game will also be in that storystream, as will the recap (with a link on the main page). I know that this is getting some taking used to, but every other SB Nation hockey blog tonight is going through the same thing, so have patience with all of us while we figure our new toys out.

Have fun tonight, and welcome back, everyone!