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Blues At Predators - Game Day #2: Let's Go HockeyTonkin'

After the wild 6-0 stomping of the Detroit Red Wings, chances are strong that this afternoon's game will be more subuded with the Blues facing off against Pekka Rinne and the rest of Barry Trotz's defensive brick walls.

Frederick Breedon

After a 6-0 defeat of the Detroit Red Wings on Saturday night, Blues fans have every right to be a little too excited. Tonight, of course, will probably put a damper on that. Not because the Blues will lose -- no, they have every possibility of winning -- but because they'll be playing against the ever-frustrating Pekka Rinne and the rest of the Nashville Predators defense. Just because Ryan Suter (thankfully) left for Minnesota doesn't mean that their blue line is all of a sudden some God-awful shitstorm like Detroit's apparently now is. Also, the blues have to deal with Barry Trotz.

Of course, I said that Mike Babcock could get blood from a turnip in yesterday's preview as a precaution to getting too excited, and that worked well.

Welcome to your game day morning open thread. Get excited for an early-afternoon game (puck drop's at 5!), go buy some beer, figure out your pizza order, and check back later on for the preview, Road Music, and your GameDay thread.