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Opposition Game Day Preview From Second City Hockey

Because I think it's important to see what the ubiquitous "them" (or "they," if you prefer) say about the Blues, here's what the guys at Second City are saying about tonight's game.

The Blues looked like world beaters with a 6-0 thrashing of the Wings on Saturday. They came back down to earth a bit with a 4-3 shootout over the Predators last night in Nashville. ... One of the few players that are as hot as Marian Hossa right now is rookie winger Vladmir Tarasenko, who has 3 goals and 2 assists in his first two NHL games. Tarasenko has been very impressive and the Hawks will have to be aware of where he is on the ice at all times. The Blues have scored on 5 or their 7 power plays this year, so the perfect Hawks PK unit will be tested tonight.

They bring up a good point: Hossa. Someone's bounced back from concussions stronger than anyone I can remember in a while, since, oh, what's that kid's name... David Perron? Anywho, go over, say hi... this is the first Blues/Blackhawks game that I can think of that the crew from Committed Indian wasn't running the asylum at Second City.