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Blues At Blackhawks Game Day Thread

Here it comes... the first meeting between these two old-school rivals.

Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE

When I heard that the NHL was going to have some teams play their division "rivals" five times and the other teams just four, I thought "oh, great. Five games against the Blue Jackets. No way with the NHL get this one right." Color me pleasantly surprised, then, that the league let the Norris Teams go at each other.

The Blues and the Blackhawks are both good again at the exact same time, which does lend this rivalry some fire. You still have to admit that they could both be icing mite teams and the hatred would be there, and the games would be fun to watch.

While I do not care for the Red Wings one iota, this is the real rivalry to me. This is the one that I remember most from being a kid. Without further ado, I present the game day thread for today's best NHL matchup, unless you're into Carolina and Tampa Bay. if you are, good for you.

If not, this is your game day thread. Let's go Blues!