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Predators At Blues Game Day #4: You Again So Soon?

The Blues had to fight to beat the Predators Monday evening in Nashville, and played too little too late Tuesday in Chicago. Can the Scottrade home crowd propel these guys to a finish more in line with Saturday's?

Dilip Vishwanat

We all saw what this team is capable of this week, both the good and the bad. Total offensive domination? Yup, the possibility's there. Tenacity and willingness to fight back? The Blues have that in spades. Taking a period or two off before realizing "Oh SHIT. We're down by three goals!" Yeah, unfortunately that's there too.

Luckily, the team with the best home record in the NHL last year should be able to keep that trend going. Scottrade Center was absolutely electric on Saturday night, and there's no way that a team like the Predators can suck the wind out of those sails... right? Well, not if the Blues play convincing and dominant hockey like we know they can do.

This is your morning open thread. Rabble rouse, carouse, and make predictions as to who Wade Redden's partner will be. One thing you won't have to make predictions about is the goaltender. Halak will be back in, as will Reaves and Nichol, according to Norm Sanders.

Later on will be the On the Forecheck preview, our preview, and sammichehd between those two will be our weekly edition of Light the Lamp. Game Day thread will start about an hour or so before puck drop, so come on by early and hang out.

Let's Go Blues!