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GameThread For Nashville Predators At St. Louis Blues, Jan 24, 2013

The Preds are in St. Louis for the first time this season. Can the Blues get out of this one without a shootout?

Dilip Vishwanat

It's funny: extra time always seems to be needed between these two teams. They both seem to shut each other down, or at the very least keep up with each other in terms of scoring. The Blues score three, they score three. One goalie gets a shutout in regular and extra time? The other goalie gets a shutout in regular and extra time. Few teams are as frustrating for the Blues to play against as the Nashville Predators.

They've won their last three meetings by, no surprise here, scoring lots of goals. If they can manage to do that again, carried on by the absurd noise levels in the Scottrade Center, then they're off to a 3-1 start. It looks like the team to keep pace with in the Central are the Blackhawks, which is not only very much fun for Blues fans, it's also very frustrating. Those points that the Blues need to capture the Central Crown again are probably more than likely going to come from opponents not from Chicago, if the record over the last couple of seasons is to be believed. Last season, the Blues had issues getting all of the points from their Central opponents. Giving the Predators an extra one Monday probably wasn't the best idea. The Blues need to win this one in regulation to give some space to their neighbors to the south.

Also, say hi to Wade Redden tonight. Cheer him on to victory with your THUUUUUNDERSTICKS.