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Patrik Berglund Scores On Penalty Shot Against Pekka Rinne

There have been but two penalty shots so far this season. Ilya Kovalchuk had the first, and scored on countryman Ilya Bryzgalov. The second went to Patrik Berglund, who was taken down on a breakaway by Mike Fisher. The play started when newcomer to the Blues (though not to the NHL) Wade Redden took a hit to facilitate a play, getting the puck to Jaden Schwartz, who sprung Berglund. Off to the races he went; while Ryan Suter was able to knock the puck away from David Backes on his breakaway attempt, Fisher missed the puck and just took out Berglund. From our own Fred Mertz (if you don't subscribe to his YouTube channel, WHY?), witness the beauty of Berglund's penalty shot:

I appreciate the way that he elevated the puck above Rinne's blocker. It's a move that seems to work, so stick with it. Rinne is an outstanding goaltender, so if you can find some sort of weakness, exploit it.

Berglund's goal put the Blues up 2-0 over the Predators in the second period.