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Defending Big D's GameDay Preview

The opposition teams always seem to be quicker at getting these up, but you know what? I like making you guys wait.

Just kidding -- I just have a different schedule. Anhywho, if you'd like to see what our SB Nation Dallas Stars blog Defending Big D has to say about tonight's game, or stop by and say hello, here's their preview for tonight's game.

"I see eight forwards there that could probably play on anyone's top line," Stars head coach Glen Gulutzan said when asked what he sees in the Blues. "I see two goalies that are solid and a real heavy defense. They all the makings of a real good team and obviously you saw that last year with how many points they put on the board."

"They play a very good defensive game," continued Gulutzan. "I think they only gave Nashville 13 shots and only 4 scoring chances. That just tells you how solid their lineup is from top to bottom."

Oh, stop. We're blushing.

Check back later for today's edition of Road Music, followed by our preview and, of course, the GDT.