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Hockey Wilderness' GameDay Preview

It's always nice to know what the opposition is thinking. Right now, I'm sure the Wild are thinking "Damn, I wish we would have beaten Detroit the other night." How about the opposition blog? What're they thinking? Well, here's their gameday preview:

The Wild in 44 all time games against St. Louis are 22-13-5-4 (yes, 5 ties, remember those?). To be fair, this is now a much different Blues squad than we have seen in the past and even with St. Louis playing yesterday and traveling the 15 minute flight from Dallas to St. Louis this will be no easy task ahead for your struggling Wild. The Blues are 4-1 in this short season while your Wild squad is 2-2, if the playoffs started today, that would be insane, its not even February yet.

So, yeah, the Blues don't have the greatest record against the Wild(s), but keep in mind, most of these games have been lost -- either in regulation or overtime -- on razor-thin margins. Hopefully Brian Elliott can keep the low goals against going, and hopefully the Blues' offense can light the lamp for three goals or more for the fifth time this season. Minny might not know what to do with that.