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Monday Links: Wade Redden and Patrick Marleau Join Team Shower Beer

Six O'Clock Shadow Scores Again, Sobotka Ends A "Wild" Affair in OT (Haha, oh man, it's funny because they played the Wild.)

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Dilip Vishwanat

I'm all setup in the new place, so with the Blues on a roll to start, it's time to roll out these links. This is how it's done. A shame it has to be me.

Blues News

  • Blues win over Minnesota 5-4 in OT. Great comeback win for the team, but allowing 4 goals on 16 shots is pretty weak. I'm sure The Cock is aware. [Blues]
  • An article from Miklaszssz that I'm pretty sure that he wrote middle of last year, but now updated it with new names of the Russian variety and "losing to LA real bad-like that one time." [P-D]
  • Sobotka's game winner last night is just another sign that the Blues might have the best 4th line in the league. [KMOV]
  • Outside of the season opener, the Blues have endured stretches of sloppy play in games, like last night's second period. It's tough to gauge conditioning at this stage, says The Cock. Also, David Perron is good at hockey. [P-D]
  • If you didn't see this photo from everybody tweeting/retweeting it, here are the Musial jerseys. [SBN]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Last night's scores. The Sharks are still undefeated. The Devils are not. [DFP]
  • Speaking of the Sharks, that king of gutlessness, Patrick Marleau, decided to be slightly less gutless and contribute to his team. I give it a week. [USA Today]
  • Always like me some LA Times "Pluses and Minuses." [LA Times]
  • Player conditioning, part 2. [P-D]
  • Avs forward Ryan O'Byrne was penalized for instigating and instigating with a visor on Saturday night against those Sharks. This Denver Post guy is pissed about it. Double standards or something. [Denver Post]
  • NHL super agent and full-time douche Allan Walsh spews shit about expansion/relocation. [CBS Sports]
  • Our old friend, Jason Arnott, will not be playing for the Rangers after all. [NHL]
  • P.K. Subban has always been cool with me. Him wanting to pay tribute to Jaden Schwartz's sister, Mandi, makes him even cooler. [NHL]
  • Refs are people, too. This one learned to skate in Saudi Arabia of all places. [NHL]


Monday Video

And also fuck inner-tubes, apparently. Not, like, figuratively. Actually, like, have sex with them. Busey!

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