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Vladimir Tarasenko Musial Jersey Auction Hits Absurd High

If you want to see how popular Vladimir Tarasenko is, just look at the current price his signed commemorative jersey is going for.

The Blues put the warm-up worn, signed jerseys from Stan Musial night up for auction on NHL Auctions. Procedes are going to go towards Cardinals Care and the Blues' 14 Fund, and both charities will probably have a goodly amount to split. Why? Well, the prices the jerseys are going for. Even Scott Nichols' jersey is at $700. Who's the highest price go to, though? Mr. Mayor, T.J. Oshie? Captain David Backes? No to either. While both are at respectable amounts ($1525 and $1025, respectively) someone else is leading the pack.


Yes, you're reading that right. The top bid on Vladimir Tarasenko's jersey is $2316, as of 9:00 Eastern on January 30th. That's actually $1300 more or so than Oshie's. It's $1500 more than poor little Vladimir Sobotka's jersey. Obviously all of this is for a wonderful cause, so I'm not going to poke fun at how much or how little the guys' jerseys are going for, but if you were going to just bid on a lark, I think I'd go for Sobe's or Nichols' right about now.