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Blues At Blue Jackets GameDay Coverage

Tonight's game is the first trip that the Blues have made to the nAsh-less Blue Jackets. Are the jackets the bottom dwellers everyone says that they are, or are they a little more tenacious than the naysayers give them credit for?

Gregory Shamus

Good morrow! Welcome to the first game day after an extended several day break. With the tightness of the schedule, it's amazing that the Blues have been off since their 5-4 win over the MInnesota Wild on Saturday. This is both good and bad. Good, obviously, because they're getting a chance to heal some bangs and bruises. The rest will do them some good -- they were looking tired there a little bit at times. Obviously though an extended break brings the risk of getting them out of the swing of things.

You know what else runs the risk of getting them out of said swing? Underestimating opponents. The Columbus Blue Jackets might've lost Rick Nash, and they might be in last place in the Central DIvision, but that doesn't make them pushovers in the least.

Don't forget to come back later today for our friends at The Cannon's take on tonight's game, some more Road Music, Game Time's own game preview, and of course the GameDay thread and a recap. I will say that this is my first day doing this while at work, so if stuff's not published quickly, I apologize in advance.